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Updated July 22, 2003

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Welcome to the thINKtank Graphics web site, a web page for graphic artists, improvisers and people who feel like wasting a little time.

The thINKtank-Zorfnar Catalogue

Most recently finished: the Poseidon Flash animation. If you've just come here from the link I embedded in the movie, go ahead, I dare you, click... It's fun to watch a puppy chase its tail.

If you've been looking at this site for a while, wondering why I last updated it in August, 1999, well, I can only apologize for deceiving you. I kept updating on the fly and forgot to update my updating. There was also the question of a Mindspring web page that I built in the bad old days of Earthlink DSL, which I built but dropped because they couldn't figure out how to connect DSL after I moved. An excerpt of the conversations follows:

Earthlink Rep: Tech support. Can I help you?

Matt: Hi, I'm moving in a week and would like to transfer my DSL service to my new apartment.

Earthlink Rep: Oh. (pause) Our computers are down right now, but if you'd like to give me your phone number, we'll call you back when they come up.

Matt: Oh, okay... (gives name and phone number)

Time passes; Matt becomes embroiled in 1,000 details of moving, until...

Earthlink Rep: Earthlink Technical Support. How can I help you?

Matt: Hi, it's been about two weeks since I called. How are your computers?

Earthlink Rep: I'm sorry?

Matt: Last time I called, your technician told me your computers were down and that you would contact me when they came back up. It's been two weeks. I'm a little worried. Also, I don't have DSL.

Earthlink Rep: Well, let me check my records.


Earthlink Rep: According to my records, we installed your DSL a year ago.

Matt: Oh, I guess you got that from your computer? The one that was down? (awkward pause) All right then. Yes, that was my old apartment. I moved. It's been half a month. I've thrown away $25 waiting for your tech support to get back to me. I'd like to have DSL installed in my new apartment.

Earthlink Rep: Okay. Give me your new phone number.

Matt: Oh, that's easy. Ameritech let me keep my old phone number. Just use that.

(long, awkward pause)

Matt: What is it?

Earthlink Rep: Nothing. We should have your DSL up in a couple of weeks. Is there anything else we can do for you? Are you interested in our phone or cable service?

Matt: I'll call you.

More time passes. Matt re-acquaints himself with his computer's internal modem.

Matt: Hi. I'm Matt Larsen and this is the third time I've contacted you to hook up my DSL since I moved.

Earthlink Rep: Okay, let me just look up your records.

five minute wait; Earthlink Radio Station plays latest pop hit plus six ads for Earthlink services

Earthlink Rep: Okay, Mr. Larsen, I've got it. According to this, you've already got your DSL.

Matt: Yes. We went through that last time.

Earthlink Rep: Last time? When did you last speak with us?

Matt: The first time? Just before I moved a month ago. Two weeks ago the second time. I've now paid for a month of DSL which I have not received.

Earthlink Rep: Well, I'm sorry, I don't have any record of that. What's your new phone number?

Matt: It's the same.

Earthlink Rep: Oh. I... see. So, you're saying you moved but have the same phone number?

Matt: Yes, sometimes Ameritech lets you keep the same phone number if you move in the same area code. I'm four blocks south of my old apartment, which leads me to suspect the DSL for which I'm paying would still be available. Can you hook me up?

Earthlink Rep: Hmmn, let me check with Tech Support.

Matt: But I thought you were...

(more hold music)

Earthlink Tech Rep: Hello, Earthlink Tech Support, how can I help you?

(Matt explains his dilemma)

Earthlink Tech Rep: Well, that's a challenge. We usually issue work orders by phone number. According to this... (possibly pointing at data on screen ...or a printout? ...possibly own crotch?), we installed your DSL a year ago.

Matt: (wordless scream)

This went on for a while. Eventually, $200 later, I dropped the Mindspring account and the web page I'd spent a couple of years building on it. I guess there's a lesson here in backing up data (which is another essay elsewhere on this site) and another one about trusting Earthlink. Whatever. The important thing is, I still care about YOU.

Yes, YOU.

So, anyway, for the next-latest update, check out the art section's latest graphic, the Tales from the Stinky Cheese Man poster.



* exceptions including size of user's screen, processing power and the speed of light. This web page will not cure cancer, heart disease and is of only limited use against diabetes when used in conjunction with dietary controls, exercise and insulin. This web page makes no legal claim to the term "limits" and would like to extend its simpering thanks to the corporation (Showtime?) with the current rights to the word for allowing it to use it without painful legal recourse.

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